Monday, January 7, 2013

Nerd Poker DnD Characters!

    Guys, if you have even the most marginal interest in Dungeons and Dragons or comedy, you should listen to the Nerd Poker podcast with Brian Posehn and Friends! It's a great collection of comedians and writers on a DnD adventure and it's hilarious. 
    Above are my designs for their party members. First is Brian Posehn's Goliath Barbarian who's big on brawn and short on brains, he also knows about boats and murdering ladies. Next up is the Dragonborn Fighter, Bartha Shett, played by Ken Daley. The handsom guy in the middle is Blain Capatch's Blackee Green, Half-Elf Warlock and all round cool guy! The super naked Elf Shaman is    Gerry Dugan's Ell Ryan with his trusty Spirit Bear. And finally, the sensible Dwarf, Mildred Maxton with her knobby knees. 

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  1. Love this illustration. When I listen to the show now this is exactly as I imagine them...